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6.5" Wrapped Black Heavy CPLA Forks, Case of 1,000

Price: USD $99.00
Compostable Cutlery:
Fork, Knife and Spoon
- L1801FBPrimeWare's new extended line of CPLA cutlery gives your food service operation the perfect balance between strength, heat resistance and eco-friendly compostability. This individually wrapped fork is made from heavy CPLA and is black in color. Measures 6.5" in length.

  • Strong: made from renewable crystallized PLA
  • Heat Resistant: can be used with heavy, high temperature foods — up to 194˚
  • Compostable: Meets ASTM D6400 and/or D6868 for Compostability
  • Will break down within 60 days in an industrial composting facility
  • Compostable PBAT film is used for cutlery kits and individually wrapped items
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