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Adinath - Crayons Insulated Astro Bottle

"Adinath" Crayons Stainless Steel Easy-Sip Water Bottle, 350ml.

Price: INR RS.925.00
  • STAINLESS STEEL INSULATED BOTTLE - Double wall insulated stainless steel easy-sip bottle by Hot Muggs features insulation that keeps contents cold and fresh. Insulation keeps liquids colder longer. No odours (unlike plastic). Leak proof. No changes in taste. Wide mouth opening for better cleaning. Can also accomodate ice cubes. Capacity is 350ml which is ideal for young kids on the go.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS - Stainless steel is 100% hygienic and safe, and the plastics are BPA free. This bottle is ideal for kids as it's durable with the interior and exterior in stainless steel to withstand daily use. As it is insulated and double walled there is zero sweating on the outside of the bottles when filled with cold liquids. Ideal as a school water bottle for everyday use.
  • LEAK PROOF, EASY TO USE & CARRY - An easy to use push button lid with a pop-up straw is very comfortable for kids to use. A removable and length-adjustable strap makes it convenient for the child to carry the bottle in different places of use.
  • PERSONALISED STYLISH DESIGN FOCUSED ON CHILDREN - Specially created, original and stylish designs with cute elements and the name of your child - "Adinath Stainless Steel School Bottle". Printed in high definition color. FAQs - (Q): I can't find the name I want. Can you make a bottle of that for me? (A): First, we recommend that you search for the name you want. Ex.: If you need a bottle with name "Adinath" search for Adinath bottle. In case not found, contact us and we shall revert.
  • OTHER DETAILS - Package Contents: 1 Bottle; 350ml; Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated. Variant Name: Adinath Bottle; For maximum thermal insulation efficiency, pre-chill (bottles) the product just prior to use. Fill with cold water, attach lid, let stand 5 to 10 minutes and empty. Special Instructions: Extra caution is strongly recommended with hot liquids as hot liquids can be dangerous for children, and ideally you should avoid using any hot liquids for that reason.
  • Package Contents: Single Unit
  • Material: Stainless Steel Body; Plastic Cap
  • Dimensions:(Length x Breadth X Height): 7.5 cms X 7.5 cms X 23.5 cms
  • Capacity: 600ml
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