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Hal Leonard Any Turkey Can Tango Song Collection - Industrie Music

Any Turkey Can Tango Song Collection

Price: AUD $40.95
Any turkey can tango, any turkey can dance, if they only have the chance. Kids love to sing, move and play games and this great seasonal collection gives them the chance! From the composer of CAT PAWS, here are 21 more clever original songs by Lee Campbell-Towell. ANY TURKEY CAN TANGO comes complete with corresponding movement and activities that may be usedin music classes, physical education classes, or the general classroom. The cassette features the full performance of the songs so your kids ca n sing along in the classroom, the gym, outside or wherever they may be,and the song sheets are reproducible for classroom use. Help your stude nts as they develop musically and physically, and find out if it's really true that “any turkey can tango”.

Available: Song Collection, CD (full performance only). For gr. K-3.
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