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Aspire Triton RTA System - 1set/pack

Price: USD $1.96

The Aspire Triton RTA System is a classic and excellent system for the aspire triton, this allows you to transforms your aspire triton into a rebuildable tank, bringing you a better vaping experience. It comes with a tiny box, extra o-rings ,extra insulators, three extra screws and including the organic cotton and all the tools you need.

three Part Triton RTA Coil
Prebuilt Coil for Use and Reference
Visual Reference Walkthrough
Coil and Wattage Reference Card

Package Includes:
1 x Aspire Triton RTA System
1 x Upper Hardware
1 x Middle Hardware
1 x Lower Hardware
1 x Rubber Grommet Insulator
3 x extra screws
1 x set of o-rings
1 x Prebuilt Coil
1 x Japanese Organic Cotton Pad

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