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Baratza Forté-AP Coffee Grinder, Clive Coffee - Knockout

Baratza Forté-AP Coffee Grinder

Price: USD $899.00
What is it?

The Baratza Forte AP is an all-purpose coffee grinder for home or commercial use with 54mm flat ceramic burrs. This burr grinder has both time and weight-based dosing systems, dual stepped adjustment, a hands-free portafilter holder, and a grounds bin.

Who is it for?

For the home barista who wants to go straight from perfectly dialed smooth flat burr shots to their favorite Hario V60 recipe with no delay, and with perfect grind consistency across the entire spectrum. Your collection of brew methods is already taking up enough counter space, so you need an all-purpose grinder, but you also want the best the coffee industry has to offer.

Why do we carry it?

The Forte AP is one of our mainstay grinders, and for good reason. It has a permanent place next to the Ratio Eight coffee maker in our kitchen, not just for its superb consistency and speed but also for its ability to conveniently dose coffee by weight, stopping itself precisely at our desired 80-gram dose. It also keeps it close to our favorite espresso machines. Pop in the sturdy steel portafilter holder, flip the levers to 2E, hit the 5.7 second grind time button, and you’re now just 30 seconds away from an equally delicious espresso. The experience and quality offered by this grinder just can’t be understated, but it’s also easy to clean and proficient at single dosing. You can’t really ask for more in one coffee grinder.

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