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Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder, Clive Coffee - Knockout

Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder

Price: USD $559.00
What is it?

The Baratza Vario-W is an all-purpose home coffee grinder with 54mm flat ceramic burrs. It has both digital timed and weight-based dosing systems, dual stepped adjustment, and a grounds bin.

Who is it for?

For the home coffee enthusiast who wants the best of all worlds, and all brew methods, and values efficiency above all things. You enjoy pour over just as much as espresso, and you need one grinder that will make both delicious and switch between them with ease. You want the precision to dial your espresso recipe down to the gram. You also like to keep things easy. A grinder that can weigh your pour over grounds for you would be ideal.

Why do we carry it?

The Baratza Vario-W has everything we love about the original Vario including it’s wide grind range, easy adjustments, and low grind retention, and adds one more thing: weight-based dosing. For those that plan to make pour over, drip coffee, or cold brew just as much as espresso the weight-based dosing functionality makes whipping up a batch on your coffee maker easier than ever. Like the original Vario, it’s one of very few all-purpose coffee grinders that can really walk the walk.

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