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Chester Music Bassoon Duets Vol 1 Ed Waterhouse - Industrie Music

Bassoon Duets Vol 1 Ed Waterhouse

Price: AUD $36.95

Bassoon Duets: Volume 1 is part of the Chester Woodwind Series of Graded pieces. Edited by distinguished English bassoonist and musicologist, William Waterhouse this collection of 15 duets includes a wide variety of pieces from great composers such as Mendelssohn, Bellini and Hofmann. With the exception of numbers 9 and 11 (which are arrangements), all these Bassoon duets are original. Metronome and breath marks have been added where necessary, but, with a few exceptions, the editor has refrained from adding dynamic and articulation marks. Suitable for intermediate players. The pieces span over 3 centuries (17-19th) and include: Adagio (Gebauer), Adagio Sostenuto (Jacobi), Air (Blow), Andante (Schobert), Andante (Weissenborn), Andantino (Dotzauer), Cavatina (Bellini), Entry Of The Mechanicals (Mendelssohn), Gratioso (Ozi), Menuetto (Gebauer), Moderato (Jancourt), Scherzo (Almenrader), Tambourin (Boismortier), Tempo Di Menuetto (Devienne) and Vortragsstuck (Hofmann).

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