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Flux Workshop FT232 Serial Adapter Module

Price: GBP £15.39
  • Flux SKU:
  • Length (mm):
  • Width (mm):
  • Height (mm):
  • Weight (g):
  • Brand:
    Flux Workshop
  • Main Colour:
  • Country of Manufacture:
    United Kingdom
  • MPN:
  • UPC:
    Does Not Apply
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:
  • Number of Items:
  • Pin Pitch:
  • Soldering Points:
    Chipset breakout
  • Logic Level Voltage:
    3.3 - 5V
  • USB Powered:
  • Format:
    UART (TTL)
  • Chipset:
  • Noted Onboard Components:
    500ma self restore fuse
DESCRIPTION Compared with other cheaper alternatives available across the market, this module features a genuine FTDI FT232RL IC sourced reliably within the UK. This IC has a Unique ID number and is fully reprogrammable. We design, assemble and cook all our own circuits in our Oxfordshire based Workshop. This is an FTDI breakout board, designed to allow the addition of a USB connection. Furthermore this opens up the ability to program microcontrollers such as the Arduino Pro mini. This module allows you to connect up your project, from programming small microcontrollers to a personalised computer keyboard. Unlike other versions of Arduino, the PRO MINI (3.3 or 5V versions) is designed for advanced users, pin headers come unsoldered and will require programming with an external FTDI/USB to TTL serial convertor such as this one. No prior knowledge is required to begin, tutorials and small projects exist to help introduce you to the vast features and possibilities that the board series offers. If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us using one of the methods below. The board has an FTDI chip. This may require a driver to be installed, however this is a standard driver that is distributed by Microsoft Windows Update, is not required on Linux and can be configured in MAC OS. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the module's operation.
Pin Description
DTR Reset
RX Receive data
TX Transmit data
VCC 3.3V or 5V (switch select)
CTS Data flow control
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