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Water-Resistant, Stain-Resistant & Odor Resistant 100% Cotton Bedding Protector For Night Sweats Or Light-Moderate Urinary Incontinence

Price: USD $27.99

Sizes (24" x 36" Style #BP01) or (Style #BP02 36" x 36") 0r (Style #BP03 48" x 48") Or (Style # BP04 36" x 72") All Advanced Designed and Constructed With Patented Fabrapel- A Fluid-Resistant, Stain-Resistant and Odor-Resistant Treatment Applied to Our 100% Cotton 4 Ply Mattress Pads.

Enjoy a dry and comfortable night each and every night!

Kleinerts patented Safe & Dry Mattress Pads.

Soft, comfortable, machine washable protection. These mattress pads are constructed with our advanced, patented water-proof cotton Fabrapel which protects your mattress from night sweats or light-moderate urine wet-through.

The advanced design also helps keep your skin integrity intact and away from sitting moisture. Fluid will move into the secondary layers away from sensitive skin.

Soft polyester top layer allows fluid to pass through away from your body so you remain dry and comfortable.

No heat or noise ever.

Machine Washable Over 100 Times. 

Colors: White or Beige

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