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Best Sterile Disposable Acupuncture Needles Steel Handle 500pcs Packed, Hwato Brand

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[email protected] is the most popular needle in China, made by the oldest supplier of acupuncture needles in the world. The needles have a proprietary pine leaf shape needle point.

The [email protected] Singles acupuncture needles are sterile and disposable, are made from surgical stainless steel and have a spiral wound Chinese style steel handle. One needle with one insertion tube per sterile, individually sealed blister package. Packed 100pcs per box acupuncture needles.

How to Choose Acupuncture Needles?

The specifications of acupuncture needles are made of length and thickness, for example, 0.25*25mm, which means the thickness is 0.25mm, length is 25mm, length is referred to the length of pointer body, not including the needle handle

13mm - Acupuncture Needle

It is often used in facial, head, finger and other position for shallow puncture. The needle is very thin and very short, which can effectively reduce the pain of the patient when inserting the needle. The commonly used specifications are 0.16*13mm, 0.8*13mm,0.17*7mm.

The slightly thicker model is 0.22*13mm, 0.25*13mm, 0.30*13mm.

 25 mm - Acupuncture Needle

Used commonly.

It is suitable for the superficial part of the subcutaneous tissue of all parts of the body, or the acupoint where need shallow puncture.

Clinical use of 0.25*25mm, 0.30*25mm, 0.35*25mm acupuncture needles, a slightly thicker needle is easier puncturing,

Thinner acupuncture needles are 0.18*25mm, 0.20*25mm, 0.22*25mm, this needle is a little soft, so it required of the doctor's instruction strength is higher.

40 mm- Acupuncture Needle

It's also very common.

Suitable for all parts of the body where the muscle is more abundant, or need to penetrate acupuncture point at the short distance.

The needle of 40mm is slightly longer, the diameter is slightly less than 0.25mm, the needle is easy to bend, if users of acupuncture skill is not very proficient, you can use 0.30 mm, the second choice is 0.35 mm, the toughness of the needle diameter is bigger, it is not easy to bend needle, but use the same acupuncture skill, the more  thickness of needle diameter, the more painful the patient will feel, the detailed models of acupuncture needles are: 0.18*40mm, 0.20*40mm, 0.22*40mm, with more models: 0.25*40mm, 0.30*40mm, 0.35*40mm.

50 mm-Acupuncture Needle

The attention point is basically consistent with the 40mm, which is applicable to acupoints that need to penetrate more than 40mm in depth, with a similar thickness of 0.22*50mm, 0.25*50mm, 0.30*50mm, 0.35*50mm, 0.40*50mm.

75 mm-Acupuncture Needle

Often used to penetrate the hip point or the middle distance penetration.

The diameter of 0.30mm is relatively moderate, and some doctors prefer to use 0.25mm or 0.35mm.


The above content is for reference only, the clinical use is according to your treatment habit. For the novice practitioner, we recommend using diameter 0.30mm or 0.35mm slightly coarsely point needle, length 25mm, 40mm, firstly.

How to Use Acupuncture Needles?

When using disposable sterile acupuncture needles, please peel the sealed package at the needle shank firstly, pick out the sterile needles, and check if the needle body is corroded and curved or if the tip is sharp for proper use before it can be used.

What Should Be Noticed to in the Process of Acupuncture?

In the treatment of acupuncture, we should keep indoor warmly, especially in winter.

During the summer, the fan should be avoided to blow the acupuncture position directly.

The head, eyes and other parts should pay attention to pinhole pressure.

After acupuncture, if there is any bleeding, use a sterilized cotton ball to stop the bleeding. Do not knead the blood to prevent the infection.

For the longest time acupuncture, the needle should also be pressed when taking out of the needles.

In the process of acupuncture, if some needling method needs to contact the needle body, it should be used the sterilized cotton ball as a spacer, and the finger should not contact the needle body directly.

In the case of normal condition, acupuncture needle into the human body, the patient will feel painful, acid hemp, or feeling of discomfort, this is the inherent characteristics, the discomfort will be different for the different patient, don’t need be nervous.

Some patients will have the accident of motion sickness, hysteretic needle or curved needle.

When there is a motion sickness, the needle should be taken out immediately, and the needle into the philtrum-philtra acupoint to make the patient wake up.

During the period of acupuncture, the patient shall not be allowed to change position or movement, avoiding the contraction of the muscle, preventing the occurrence of a delayed needle, a curved needle, or a broken needle.

When there is a bending needle and a stitching, do not dial hard to prevent the needle.

Check the acupuncture needles carefully before use.

It should be checked whether the tip is sharp or not. There should be no burr, hook and needle creases, denudation, etc.

Please note that the expiry date on the disposable sterile needle is not allowed to be used after expiration.

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