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Big Thief - Two Hands limited edition vinyl


Price: GBP £19.99

Release Date: 11th October 2019

The second album of the year from the alternative folk-rock band from Brooklyn, who are currently one of the most exciting and powerful acts going! Following the completion of their 3rd album U.F.O.F., (released in May 2019), the band went straight to work on their 4th, wanting Two Hands to be the the 'celestial twin'. Where U.F.O.F. explored the folkier side of the band, Two Hands explores the rockier side of the band but cleverly and with incredible, dynamical detail and with raw, emotional power. Two hands, two albums, one year and one magnificent band! For Fans Of: Lomelda, Middle Kids, Julia Jacklin, Soccer Mommy


"Big Thief had only just finished work on their third album, ‘U.F.O.F.’ - “the celestial twin” - days before in a cabin studio in the woods of Washington State. Now it was time to birth ‘U.F.O.F.’s sister album - “the earth twin” - ‘Two Hands’. 30 miles west of El Paso, surrounded by 3,000 acres of pecan orchards and only a stone’s throw from the Mexican border, Big Thief (aka Adrianne Lenker, Buck Meek, Max Oleartchik and James Krivchenia) set up their instruments as close together as possible to capture their most important collection of songs yet. Where ‘U.F.O.F.’ layered mysterious sounds and effects for levitation, ‘Two Hands’ grounds itself on dried-out, cracked desert dirt. In sharp contrast to the wet environment of the ‘U.F.O.F.’ session, the southwestern Sonic Ranch studio was chosen for its vast desert location. The 105-degree weather boiled away any clinging memories of the green trees and wet air of the previous session. ‘Two Hands’ had to be completely different - an album about the Earth and the bones beneath it. The songs were recorded live with almost no overdubs. All but two songs feature entirely live vocal takes, leaving Adrianne’s voice suspended above the mix in dry air, raw and vulnerable as ever. With raw power and intimacy, ‘Two Hands’ folds itself gracefully into Big Thief’s impressive discography. This body of work grows deeper and more inspiring with each new album."

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