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Fence Bottom Barrier - Prevent Escapes & Digging/Chewing

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  • Do you have a cat escaping UNDER your fence? Our bottom fence barrier for cats is a simple yet effective solution to prevent escapes under your fence. Whether your cat has discovered dips in the ground, dug a hole, or being helped by other animals in the enclosure such as dogs. The barrier works with any fence type whether you have wood, metal, chain link, PVC, brick, block, or others.

    Our fence bottom barrier system used galvanized and powder coated welded wire to create a physical barrier that stops all traffic where the fence meets the ground. The welded wire is formed into an "L" shape. The bottom is staked into the ground with specially designed heavy duty galvanized stakes and the top is secured to your existing fence with fasteners appropriate based on the material. Held in place with your choice of staples, screws, zip ties, or your choice of fastener (fasteners not included due to the wide variety of fencing materials, though they can be purchased separately.)Read more about that in the installation section below.

    We offer two different lengths of our fence bottom barrier kit. It offers 24 inches tall welded wire (available in lengths of 50 or 100 feet) which allows for 8-16 inches of coverage on the ground and 8-16 inches of vertical coverage up the fence. A total of 24 inches of coverage combined.

    The welded wire squares are 1.75" x 1.75" so your cat or dog cannot scratch, chew, or fit through it, but so that grass can easily grow through it. The welded wire can also be trimmed to accommodate certain heights or to work around obstructions in the fence line.

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    Fence Bottom Barrier 50 Foot Kit 100 Foot Kit 150 Foot Kit 200 Foot Kit 250 Foot Kit 300 Foot Kit 350 Foot Kit 400 Foot Kit
    Specially Formulated & Shapeable 24" Welded Wire 50 Feet 100 Feet 150 Feet 200 Feet 250 Feet 300 Feet 350 Feet 400 Feet
    12" Galvanized Ground Stakes 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240
    Written Installation Instructions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Download a printable version of this table.

    *Fasteners for holding the wire to the existing fence are not included. See Installation tab for more information on what is required for your fence type.

  • Wrought Iron / Aluminum - UV resistant zip ties (not included) are used to securely hold the wire mesh to your fence. 1 tie at least every 12 inches is recommended

    Wood - Use heavy duty staples or "romex" staples (not included) to hold fencing to wood surfaces. If pickets are small enough, zip ties can also be used.

    Brick & Block - Can be installed on these surfaces as well. Specialty masonry fasteners will need to be used with washer heads (not included) to hold the mesh wire to the surface securely. 

    Chain Link - UV resistant zip ties (not included) are used to securely hold the wire mesh to your fence. 1 tie at least every 12 inches is recommended. Alternatively, you can use Hog Rings which are much stronger and more durable.

    Download Installation Instructions

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