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Budweiser Rocket, USA, 1979

Budweiser Rocket, USA, 1979

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Budweiser Rocket, USA, 1979. This rocket-powered vehicle designed by William Frederick was calculated as having been driven by Stan Barrett at 739.666 mph at Edwards Air Force Base in California. It was not accepted as a new Land Speed Record, however, as the attempt fell foul of several of the strict rules governing Land Speed Record attempts. The vehicle made only one run, where the rules stipulate that two must be made, in opposite directions, within an hour of each other. In addition there were doubts over the accuracy of the procedure used for measuring the speed, as well as the observers not being the impartial officials required under the rules. Controversy also surrounded the team's claim that they had broken the sound barrier for the first time on land, with spectators saying they had heard no sonic boom. This feat was officially recognised as having been performed by the British Thrust SSC vehicle driven by Andy Green in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, in 1997.

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