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Bumping Set Starter PLUS

Price: GBP £49.99
Bumping Set Starter Plus for Beginners - Get Bumping Locks!

You've seen the videos and now you want some of that super cool bumping action, right? Good - this is the set for you. Everything you need to start opening locks with the bumping technique. How to do it and the kit to do it with.

Go for it, here you have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to Bump Locks!

The PERFECT GIFT for the aspiring secret agent in your life!


  • Bump Hammer
  • Bumping Springs
  • Bump Key Dampeners
  • 3pc ULTIMATE KEYS Reversed
  • The Bumpology How-To book

We make THE BEST Bump Keys in the world. In fact, the modern Bump Key (with the shoulder fully removed) was designed by us. We also invented the Spring and Dampener techniques which are now used by everyone all around the world. 

Using Springs and/or Dampeners means you can repeatedly strike the key, rather than having to rest it each time you strike it. This makes the process quicker and easier to do - putting professional bumping skills in your hands - as long as you have the right, quality kit.

This set contains all you need to get going immediately. The 6 keys are cut on 3 industry standard 'universal' profiles and 3 industry standard 'reversed' universal (a mirror image profile). These will fit a HUGE RANGE of popular profiles.

Each profile has 3 different types of bump pattern, which increases your chances of a successful bump no end. Different pin types, older pins, newer pins etc. They all require a slightly different type of pattern, and we're the only people who provide these different patterns.

So if you've been stung before, buying inferior bump keys, don't let that put you off this incredible and super-fast entry technique. We have sold literally THOUSANDS of Bump Keys over the last two decades. We literally made our name providing the highest quality Bump Keys on the market. 

While many other companies have come and gone, we continue to go from strength to strength, and that can only happen is what you sell does what it;s supposed to do: Quality Works.

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