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Money Clip Kita Jaga Kita 2020 (Charity)

Price: MYR 15.00

"I have been approached by Persatuan Kebajikan Anak-Anak OKU Taman Penang for donation.

They have mentioned that it is a tough time for them, due to the MCO & ongoing RMCO, the donation they received has taken a dive. And yet, the costs & fees to remain operational is the same.

I alone am not able to give a larger sum, therefore, I might as well custom-made a nice money clip and sell it to you! Then we together can collect a larger amount for them.

Get one for yourself and your friend too to support! #kitajagakita" - Aw, Thomas Tools


  • Size: 50mm (width) x 25 (height)
  • Laser Engraved
  • Stainless Steel
  • Limited Edition, 100 units only.
  • Each comes with a unique serial number. XXX/100

* No choosing of number.

Get one now buddy!

*This is a for charity product.
All of RM15 from each sale of the Money Clip here will be donated. Upon finish selling all of the 100 units of Money Clip (or by the latest date 31/10/2020), we would have RM1500.00 for Persatuan Kebajikan Anak-Anak OKU Taman Island Penang.

Currently, they are collection donation to build 
*Metal roof
*Cement floor
*Buy physiotherapy equipment


Past Project #1 (31/3/2017): Our supporters collectively gave RM300 for Penang Animal Welfare Society (4Paws) (Product: Cleaning Cloth)

  1. Gave animal food such as kibbles, canned food, rice and chicken meat. 
  2. Veterinary bill to rescue, spay & neuter animals.

Click here to learn more about Project #1.


Past Project #2 (30/6/2017): Our supporters collectively gave RM400 for Tzu Chi Dialysis Centre (Product: Cleaning Cloth)

Provide free dialysis service for Malay, Chinese & Indian that cannot afford the treatment.

Presently the three Tzu-Chi dialysis centres operate 46 dialysis machines, employ 42 medical staff and provide service to 176 dialysis patients. On the waiting list are another 148 patients whose dialysis treatments elsewhere are being subsidised by Tzu-Chi. (Patients images not included to protect their privacy)

To raise fund, instead of merely collecting donation, volunteers also gather monthly to collect recyclable goods and sell them to get fund for the dialysis centre.

Nurse explaining to visitor(nurse) about the operation of the centre. New volunteers are encouraged to join to give energy to help entertain patients during the 4 hours long treatment process.

Proof of payment:

Because of your support, we are able to do something meaningful. Please consider donating directly to Tzu Chi Dialysis Centre, Thomas Team has witness first hand on their effectiveness on delivering quality service to the needy. Click here to learn how.

Past Project #3 (31/9/2017): Our supporters collectively have donated RM400 and Raised RM600 for Poay Wah Primary School. (Product: Cleaning Cloth)


  1. Better facilities to students from all races that attend this relatively small school.
  2. Higher standard students = Better future for all of us.

We rented a cotton candy machine to Poay Wah primary school for a day during food fair. And guess what, we successfully raised RM600 for the school. The fund will be spent in providing better facilities for students that come from different background.

We have collected about RM400 in the last quarter from the Charity Knife Cleaning Cloth. We used it all in this food fair. We chip in the rest to cover labor, transport & materials for the food fair.


Past Project #4 (31/9/2018): Our supporters collectively have donated RM500 & a video for attracting more donation worth RM1000 for Cat Beach. Click HERE to learn more.


Past Project #5 (31/7/2019) Our supporters collectively have donated RM1000 to Food Aid Foundation Malaysia. (Products: Cold Steel Butcher Knife)

Follow them on Facebook!

If you wish to help Food Aid Foundation, you can find them here. Learn how to volunteer here. Donate by bank in here


Past Project #6 (22/6/2020). (Charity Product) RM680 donated for Persatuan Kebajikan Anak-anak OKU Taman Island Penang. 

*To buy food.
*Equipment maintenance.
*Emergency equipment such as emergency staircase.

*Update 28/9/2020 emergency staircase competed!

You can help them direct via bank in your donation at the account above.
Find them on Facebook here


Current Project #7 (30/10/2020).  Persatuan Kebajikan Anak-anak OKU Taman Island Penang. RM1500 + RM500 material donated.

Thank you for helping! You are the best! 

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