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Discover the universal compression socks that will offer the maximum muscle support during your next challenge and help you recovering quickly and painlessly. The Full Socks Race & Recovery are the versatile piece of equipment that you will wear before, during and after the race. Lightweight and ultra-comfortable, the Full Socks Race and Recovery offer the benefits of compression around the calves and arch support for a unique effectiveness. Before the exercise they will warm up your muscles; during the race, they will enhance your performances and after, they will reduce inflammation and soreness. Ultra-breathable, the Full Socks Race & Recovery offer great thermoregulation thanks to the ventilation bands directly integrated into the compression. They hold well on the ankle for greater stability and a lower risk of injury. Thanks to a slight compression band around the arch support, venous return is stimulated and the sock does not move as you perform. They are perfect for ultra-trail running. With their exclusive design, the Full Socks Race & Recovery UTMB Series will be your best ally for the world summit of trail-running.





Compression and performance - Compression limits muscular vibrations. It also reduces muscular breakage and prevents cramps and aches. During prolonged e orts such as on long distance runs, trail running races or triathlons, these socks delay muscular fatigue so you can perform longer.

Compression and recovery - With a gradient inspired by medical compression, from the feet to the claves, the socks improves venous return. Muscle oxygenation is facilitated and toxins are eliminated more easily. These full socks prevent oedema that prolonged e orts would cause.

Support and ergonomy - The Barefoot Performance technology allows to support the feet during effort, activating blood fl ow at the same time. These socks do not compress the toes and let them occupy all the space they need. Ventilation bands integrated in the fi bre bring aeration, elasticity and ensure the calves and feet be in total comfort and perform effectively.

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