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.02ct Authentic Australian Pink Argyle Diamond - 2PP

Price: AUD $5699.95

A single .02 carat round brilliant cut pink Argyle diamond, graded by Argyle as 2PP (2 Purplish Pink), presented in a premium leather patterned collectors box.

A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each diamond, including a declaration of origin and the official Argyle Lot Number assigned by the Argyle Pink Diamond Mine (Rio Tinto Ltd). Authenticity is assured with a tamper evident secure seal.

Australian Diamond Valley pink diamonds, the perfect gift from Australia: rare, beautiful, unique in origin and steeped in Aboriginal mythology.

Ethically Sourced - Conflict Free - Natural & Untreated - 100% Australian

Diamond Dimensions: .02ct = 1.80mm diameter
Cut: Round Brilliant
Colour: 2PP (2 Purplish Pink)
Clarity: SI (Slightly Included)
Origin: East Kimberley, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

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