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Corona Hook / Copper

Price: ISK 13900.00

DESIGN: Claus Jakobsen & Jens Kajus for Million Cph.

Corona is a hook that is dimensioned to be used in three different ways: The back part that meets the wall can take a coat hanger, while the peg in the centre of the circle can take a loop or strap, and finally, a coat can be draped over the whole. This three-part flexibility makes the graphic CORONA Hook suited to varying types of use and makes it a good choice both for home interiors and for hotels and restaurants. CORONA Hook is crafted in solid aluminium before being anodised, which makes the material highly resilient to knocks and wear. It comes in five different colours.


HOOK - CNC-machined solid aluminium.

SURFACE - Anodised aluminium in black / light grey / dark brown / dark green / copper.


U: 85 mm. / D: 55 mm

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