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Curvy Backyard Patio Design 2

480 sq. ft. - Curvy Backyard Patio Design

Price: USD $25.00

390 Square feet of colorful pavers form this Curvy Backyard Patio Design that you and guest will love to use.  Perfect for corner homes with 5-6’ bump outs, this beautiful, winding design features 2 areas that will accommodate a large patio table and another for a fire pit or seating.

Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, our downloadable patio plan will enable you to manage the patio project effectively and efficiently.  Lots of 3D images combined with installation guides and fully dimensioned layouts is the secret to you completely understanding how this patio is installed.  To help you save time and money ordering product, we include an itemized material list that allows you to choose ANY paver color, ANY style and ANY pattern.  So you can purchase pavers ANYWHERE.  Learn more about what is included in the downloadable patio plan and where you can purchase pavers.

If you’re a homeowner you can solicit 3-4 bids from contractors in your area or just simply build it yourself.  If you’re a contractor you can immediately give your customers a design and an estimate with little time and money invested.

Download Details.
  • Downloadable PDF File.  (print to standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper)
  • 6 Large 3D Images of Patio and Landscaping.
  • Fully Dimensioned Layouts for Paver Patio.
  • Easy to Follow Paver Patio Installation Guide.
  • Itemized Material Lists for Paver Patio.
  • Paver Pattern Options.
  • Patio Cross Section Views.
  • Learn where you can buy pavers for this patio design.
  • Learn more about what is included in the downloadable plan.
Patio Design Details.
  • 480 sq. ft. of Outdoor Living Space.
  • ​Patio Surface Laid with Any Style of Paver.
  • Patio Designed for Corner Homes with 6' Bump Out.
  • Areas for Large Patio Table and Seating Area or Portable Fire Pit.
  • Paved Pad for Roll Around Barbecue Grill.
  • Colorful Border Pavers.
  • Curvy Patio Design.
  • Landscaping Ideas!
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