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Daily Detox - Natural Face Wash

Price: NZD $18.00

Daily Detox by Fair + Square

If there’s one thing acne-prone skin loves, it’s activated charcoal. Activated charcoal grabs hold of dirt and oil like a clingy best friend – drawing it out of your pores, and leaving nothing but your fresh-as-a-daisy face behind. Combined with an essential oil blend of tea tree, lavender, rosemary and clary sage, this moisturising bar helps treat dry skin, eczema, redness, and a whole lot more. Just call it the skin powerhouse your face never knew it always needed. 


Ideal as a soap-free cleansing alternative and as a zero-waste option to help reduce waste in our environment. Handmade soap needs a little more care than its chemical-laden counterparts. As it is full of all the natural oils, it needs to be well drained when using. The less of the soap touching a flat, wet surface – the better, so choose a good soap dish. You may also be interested in our wooden Soap Keepers to store your bars - available in large and small designs

  • 150g bar


Ingredients - saponified oils of; coconut, olive, ricebran, castor, avocado, shea butter & cocoa butter; Northland rain water; activated charcoal; essential oils of; lavender, tea tree, rosemary & clary sage.

Ethical Commitment - Fair + Square Soapery was born out of a desire to create high quality, luxury products for everyday use. A product created with natural ingredients because nature has such an abundance of stunning products to offer. And of course by refraining from the chemicals and synthetic fragrances you can be sure that it is good for your body and the environment. They are all handmade in small batches, and hand cut, hand beveled and hand packaged so each bar will vary slightly in size, shape and appearance to the photo, but all are full of the same skin loving ingredients! 

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