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Dan Wei Industry Concrete Stamp, Friends Series | 東維工業水泥印章, 好朋友系列

Price: USD $10.50

Dan Wei Industry | 東維工業

Concrete Stamp, Friends Series | 水泥印章, 好朋友系列

Size | 規格: Approximately 30mm x 30mm

Notes | 注意事項

  1. There concrete stamps are heavy and easy to damage, we will do our best to pack them well. | 水泥印章較重,我們會盡力小心包裝以防物品損壞
  2. Since the handles are made by concrete, you may find dust on the handles. | 印章手柄皆為水泥製作,手柄表面可能會有一層粉塵
  3. The handles are randomly painted in unique colors. | 印章手柄均為人工上色,故每顆皆有獨一無二的顏色


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