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Dangerfield EDC Covert Pocket Lock Pick Set - UKBumpKeys

Dangerfield EDC Covert Pocket Lock Pick Set

Price: GBP £19.99
The Rakes That Changed Lock Picking Forever!

Like a bolt of lightning out of a dark night sky, the Dangerfield EDC lock rake design created by famous lock picker Raimundo sent electricity coursing through the veins of anyone who'd every picked a lock.

They literally changed the way we rake locks!

Polished to a mirror-finish, these curvaceous beauties are like the future, it's like picking the lock with some as yet undisclosed liquid metal, that makes it's way around the pins and teases the pins into place.

Two rakes, a triple peak and a single peak - the inventor named them because they reminded him of the cool but threatening Andes mountain ranges of his hometown in Colombia.

Such nostalgia, such a deep relationship with something at once so beautiful yet potentially devastating.

I'll just come out and say it: Get some rakes and you'll open more locks.

Once you've felt that smooth, shiny finish, once you've seen the sun bounce off these almost painfully beautiful rakes, you'll wonder how you went so long without them

Made to perfection in England from the finest high-grade 301 spring steel, you can rake with confidence knowing they're virtually indestructible.

Made by lock pickers, for lock pickers: 

Our Dangerfield rakes glide across the pins with ease, gently persuading them to make for the shear-line, relax and let the plug turn. The other end of the rakes function as a tension wrench, meaning the set can be stored discreetly in your wallet, in with another pick set or simply lose in your pocket.

With a choice of the 3 peaks pick or the single hook, these are a lock picking phenomenon you cannot be without. Straight out of the bag you'll be utilizing the beautiful and distinctive contours of this innovative and wickedly effective set. 

The ergonomic curve of the handle rests perfectly on your fingers; using them is quite simply a pleasure. The slender and smooth lines work like an extension of your fingers, bridging the gap between lock and human, between art and life.

 If Raking Locks is your thing, Have a look at our Polaris Lock Rakes, without doubt the most comprehensive set of rakes aver made.

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