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Dry Sole Shoe Inserts For Men

Price: USD $12.99


Eliminate squishy feet. Unlike suede and tightly woven fabrics, DrySoles use a non-woven fabric that absorbs moisture and channels it away from your feet where it dissipates quickly.

Random interlocked fibers are compressed into firm, 1/8" thick fabric strips. This special fabric blend is 70% wool and 30% Rayon, a perfect combination for absorption and evaporation of perspiration without unnecessary odor. So feet feel dry even in closed shoes and even when wearing pantyhose. Cut your size from our pattern to fit your shoes. Should last about 1-2 months. Sold by the pair.

Colors: White, Beige and Black.

Style# DS01 - Men's Sizes 7B-12EE
Style #DS02 - Mens' Sizes 13B-18EE 

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