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Fantastic Four (1998) #38

Price: AUD $8.00

Reed, Sue and Johnny are paying a visit to the home of Noah Baxter in Kansas, one of Reed's longest friends. There they sit down for a meal with Noah's wife Abigail. Soon after the meal they are visited by some of Noah's fellow scientists who have come to take the Fantastic Four up aboard the Alexandrea Space Station via teleportation. When they arrive, Noah is surprised to see that the Thing is not among them. Back in New York City the Thing is being accosted by members of the Yancy Street Gang after going on a bender, but the youths are chased off by the owner of the Yancy Street Bar who brings Ben into his establishment. He leaves Ben alone in a booth while he goes to fetch him some coffee. Holding of the latest letter from his ex-girlfriend Alicia Masters, Ben laments over it until a beautiful woman in a night gown approaches him and asks if anyone is sitting with him.

  • Writer: Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin
  • Artist: Carlos Pacheco
  • Cover: Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino
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