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PRO FMC series Heavy-Duty Floor Machines with Interchangeable Aprons

Price: USD $1490.00
  • Available in one or two speed.
  • Triple-planetary high torque transmission, handles the most demanding applications.
  • Safety enhanced interlock switch, both hands are conveniently in control.
  • Safety enhanced non-conductive dual triggers, eliminates shock potential.
  • All metal chassis adds weight for faster results.
  • ​Fully adjustable handle position makes operating easy and comfortable.

Brush speed: 175 RPM
Motor: 1.5 HP AC 2 capacitor
Amp draw: 13-15 amps
Chasis: Polished aluminum
Power cord: 50 foot safety 14/3 gauge
Weight: 98 – 107 lbs. (depends on apron selection)
Brush drive: B style clutch
Wheels: 6” non-marking
Warranty: Limited 5 year motor and gear box

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