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Higonokami 70mm Wood Iron (VG-10) - Thomas Tools

Higonokami 70mm Wood Iron (VG-10)

Price: MYR 469.00
Deal: MYR 429.00 (Save 9%)

Higonokami is the most famous folding knife in Japan. In the 1960s - 1970s, almost everyone had Higonokami in Japan. Now Higonokami is famous for outdoor knife all over the world.

This Wood Grip Series Iron Wood folder has a 2.83" (72mm) of blade length and a one-piece natural wood handle. It is lightweight and therefore easy to carry along in your pocket. 

Currently, all Higonokami are handmade by artisan craftsman Mr. Mitsuo Nagao, the fifth generation of Higonokami maker.

Higonokami is patented. Although there are plenty of people trying to copy the design, Mr. Nagao is the only person on earth that is allowed to make the original Higonokami knife.



  • Blade Material: VG 10
  • Blade Length: 2.83"/ 70mm
  • Length Closed: 3.86"
  • Length Open: 6.69"
  • Handle: Iron Wood 
  • Weight: 30 g
  • Extended Tang
  • Locking System: Friction lock
  • Made in Japan

Gold Standard VG-10 stainless steel:

This steel is produced only in Japan. The "G" in "VG-10" stands for gold, which refers to the “gold standard” that this level of stainless steel is considered to have met. Many top of the line pocket, hunting, and tactical knives have used VG-10 steel.

In short, VG-10 is strong, hard, stainless and relatively easy to sharpen.

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