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Himalayan Salt Lamp - Bowl

Price: NZD $59.00

Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl

These Fire Bowls are hand-carved from a larger salt crystal to give off negative ions which reduce indoor air pollution, enhance mood and promote a restful sleep, along with an attractive glow. We suggest leaving your lamp on all the time, for use as a night light and ambient mood lighting.

The Fire Bowl is the traditional circular shape bowl, the Flower Bowl has three petal shapes around the top of the bowl for a floral design.

  • each bowl is unique in colour and appearance
  • approx 3kg
  • comes with a lamp fitting with a dimmer cord and a 15w lamp bulb


Please note - Salt lamps absorb moisture from the air so it is important to leave your lamp on as much as possible (we recommend 24/7) so it is warmed by the heat from the bulb. If you do turn your lamp off it can begin to “sweat” salt, please be sure to remove the lamp cord and bulb from inside the lamp to avoid moisture damage if off for longer periods. 

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