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Horseback Riding Open Rubber Overreach Boots for Horse and Pony Twin-Pack

Price: USD $12.99

Rubber ridge absorb shocks well.


Care advice

Clean the overreach boots after every use (either with a brush or under running water) to remove any sand or mud. Caring for your equipment properly will make it more comfortable for the horse and help prevent injuries and irritation.


Main fabric : 100.0% Rubber - thermoplastic

Storage Instructions

Apply talc if storing for prolonged periods.

Care Instructions

water washable.



Our overreach boots cushion the blows of horseshoes and limit the risk of injury. Their rip-tab fasteners help you put them on quickly.



Shock protection

Rubber ridge absorb shocks well.

User comfort

Soft fabric that follows your horse's movements.

Easy to use

Easy to fit and remove thanks to the rip-tab fastening.

Easy to maintain

Can be washed with water. Quick drying.



horses with a habit of regularly injuring their bulbs and coronets.





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