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IDIOMES – Idioms - Scarf Collection By Ruggiero Bignardi

Price: USD $228.00

All scarf collection are inspiration from Ruggiero Brignardi's art,  handcrafted unique sensual accessories truly designed and made in Italy,

IDIOMES – Idioms Like different languages coming from the same family, geometriescharacterize the world and beauty with recurring symbols and universal proportions. The blend of sound and voices in the constant flow of timecreate a unique, majestic symphony of notes and colours. Code: RG003cW Available colours: camouflage, fuchsia, green Sizes:
90 x 90 finished (94 x 94 pre-slanted) Compositions:
Twill 100% silk 14 mm, hand rim The artist behind 

Ruggiero Bignardi is an distinct award winning artist born in Salerno in 1971

He spent his childhood in his father’s house on the vast gulf of Salerno and in Paris, where he spent long summers with his grandparents.

During his adolescence, travel becomes the means to meet with different realities, an urging to look at the images that populate the world. His true interest is drawing, composite at first with figures immersed in the landscape, afterwards tenaciously oriented to the study of human shapes and, specifically, portrait.

He studied in Salerno at the Istituto Statale d’Arte where he actively followed classes in Portrait and Photography. He graduated in 1989.

Thanks to Ruggiero Bignardi, art permeates the world of fashion and fills it with aesthetic symbols that possess a timeless beauty: in this way, fashion design and culture merge together and find their highest expression through the creation of the artist’s scarfs.


The works of Ruggiero Bignardi are a celebration of creativity and uniqueness: as they merge art and fashion in their highest expression, people all over the world now have the possibility to wear unique garments that go beyond trends, cultural origins and age.


Ruggiero Bignardi reinterprets the scarf in his own way and trasforms an evergreen acessory into an expression of originality with bright colours and the attention to detail that characterizes made in Italy products.

This particular strip of fabric isn’t just any accessory, but also the soft and sensual canvas of an artist.

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