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Ivory Sleepy Peep Mini

Price: USD $16.00

Welcome Spring with our Sleepy Peep Mini. This little chick is the perfect size for tiny hands and a great addition to your easter or spring baskets. Pair with a board book and snuggler for the perfect storytime trio. 

Let's Play #HideAndGoPeep! 


Step 1. Get your Sleepy Peep! (Can’t get a Sleepy Peep? No problem! There is a printable Peep in the activity pack.) 

Step 2. Download the FREE digital #HideAndGoPeep Activity Kit above. We will also email you a copy after purchase.

Step 3. Print your #HideAndGoPeep activities, including the Sleepy Peep Nest! 

(No printer? Get creative and build your own Sleepy Peep nest using materials you find around the house!)

Step 4. Let your kiddos put their Sleepy Peeps to rest in the Sleepy Peep Nest

Step 5. Overnight, remove the Sleepy Peeps from their nest and hide them with an activity somewhere around your house. 

Step 6. When the kiddos rise in the morning, let them search and find their Sleepy Peeps + a fun springtime activity for the day! 

Step 7. Share your #HideAndGoPeep adventures by using the hashtag #HideAndGoPeep.

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