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La beauté est dans la rue - beauty is in the street

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La beauté est dans la rue - Protest posters, France, May 1968

"[Our Work] should not be taken as the final outcome of an experience, but as the inducement for finding , through contact with the masses, new levels of action both on the cultural and the political plane."

1968 saw massive global protest movements against the forces of the unrestrained state, imperialism and consumerism. In Paris, the Atelier Populaire (Workshop of the People), composed of artists and the faculty of the School of Fine Arts produced an unprecedented amount of radical protest art that inspired and captured the mood of a movement and a nation.

The protests grew to massive general strikes, economic shutdown and briefly caused the government itself to cease operation. The effect of the 'Mai '68' protests have been felt throughout the country and beyond in subsequent decades.

The People's Republic of Stokes Croft celebrates this important protest and the continuing struggle for our rights and for our streets.

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