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2012-06-13 | Liberal-Leadership

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Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae said "no" to being the permanent leader of the federal party. But Rae said he saw a great future ahead for the Liberals. (Rae became interim Liberal leader after Michael Ignatieff quit following a bruising loss in the federal election.)

Date: 2012-06-13
Placeline: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 26 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << I think the Liberal Party needs to get its act together they need to come together behind, and effective, forward looking positive leader and that will happen over the next, several months and I will continue to do my job as the interim leader until such time as that new leader is chosen I I do I have great optimism in the future the Liberal Party and great optimism in the future of of my country but things will have to change for that to happen >>

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