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Metalux Lighting PI/TILW Option

Metalux Lighting PI/TILW Option

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Product description for Metalux PI/TILW Option

The Plug-In System provides factory installed branch circuit wiring and plug-in connectors when row mounting fixtures. This labor and time saving option is designed to simplify fixture installation and wiring and allows fixtures to be installed quickly and easily. The PI system is available for fixture sections up to 8' in length for continuous row wiring by simply plugging the sections together. Each PI section is factory wired to the ballast leads and color coded for easy circuit identification. Standard PI system harness contains no separate groundwire, with ground provided by the fixture body. An option to the system provides a separate ground wire in the harness where required. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish the integrity of acrylic components. Refer to the Material Compatibility tables for additional information.

Features of Metalux PI/TILW Option
  • Advanced plug-in system
  • Three-circuit capacity
  • Installation savings
  • Molded-nylon polarized plugs
  • Self-locking plugs
  • Independent neutral available
  • Branch circuit conductors #12 THHN rated 600V, 90a° C
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