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Mystic River

Price: USD $ 100.00
Deal: USD $ 50.00 (Save 50%)

“Mystic River” 

Mystic River was created with the intention of fluidity in mind. As the fish flows through the river with the chance of being caught or finding trouble, so we flow through life with the same stressors. Life is full of uncertainties and we learn to navigate those as best we can. The half fish, half skeleton is a reminder of our mortality and how truly amazing it is to be alive.

About the Mat: First and foremost, quality is our main priority. The Totem True team has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years. Through extensive product testing, we have found a mat on which you can truly perform your best yoga. Each latex-free mat is made with anti- slip materials, natural tree rubber, PU.  Our mats are slightly thick because we have taken a strong consideration for your knees and added extra cushion to help aid in floor poses. 

Once we perfected the quality, our next mission was to showcase design. Each mat design began with a creative vision and all mats are based on an original  hand-painted piece of art.  The designs were born from creativity at its rawest form. The printed designs are printed with non-toxic, eco-friendly water based ink and are made to be a border design to frame your individual practice. 

Along with your mat, we are happy to include a quality branded yoga strap. Use this strap to help tote around your new mat and keep it properly stored. This also serves as a yoga strap during practice to aid in reaching more difficult poses.

Care and cleaning: Your mat is made of natural rubbers and natural inks; please never wash in a washing machine. Use a natural cleaner and wipe down with a cloth after each class or once a week. Options for natural cleaners include: water with lemon juice or a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar. You can use a spray bottle to aid in cleaning. Please store mat rolled or hanging to avoid any damage. Do not fold. Store out of direct sunlight to keep the colors vibrant. As your mat ages, the inks will start to develop more texture. This is natural and only adds to the character and original art designs. 

Mat size: 183x66 cm / 4.5mm thickness

Anti-slip surface keeps mat in place

• Soft

• Non-slip

• Flexible

• Durable

• High-bouncing

• Non-toxic

*Please note that mats are new and will have an initial new smell. If you are sensitive to smell, simply open them up and let them breath before use.

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