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Nabaiji Kamiye, Chlorine-Resistant 1-Piece Swimsuit, Women's

Price: USD $39.99

Chlorine-resistant material: more than 200 hours of use.



Products with AQUARESIST certification are guaranteed to deliver chlorine-resistance throughout their lifespan. They will maintain their elasticity and are UV-resistant. For these reasons, they are recommended for regular or intensive pool use.


Main fabric: 100% polyester. Our engineers have developed a Polyester based material and replaced the spandex fibers with PBT fibers that give it sufficient elasticity to ensure user comfort while protecting it against the damaging effects of chlorine. This PBT thread also has the advantage of being quick drying. It only loses 3 to 4% resistance throughout its lifespan. Another plus: Even the brightest of colors will retain their colorfastness.

Restrictions of use

Not recommended for use on slides.

Product Testing

The products labeled with AQUARESIST certification are tested under repeated cyclical loading in a pool of chlorinated water for 240 hours. No deterioration of elastic strength was observed throughout the test. Unlike a standard swimming product, this product retains its shape.


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester cationic Lining : 100.0% Polyamide



A highly chlorine-resistant swimsuit with an open cut for great freedom of movement and wide straps that provide support.



Chlorine resistant

Chlorine-resistant material: more than 200 hours of use.


O-shaped back and wide straps so the swimsuit stays in place while you swim

Freedom of movement

Mid cut to swim the 4 strokes with full freedom of movement.


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