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Price: USD $264.00
301 / 252 / 290 (155cm) Intermediate-Advanced Carbon, Metal, Wood Rocker/Flat 7.9/6.8/7.9 (155cm)

CAPiTA presents their 2019 Navigator Snowboard: a parabolic sidecut profile combines with the low, tapered tail for a board that can sit back and enjoy the ride, or slash every pillow on the way down. A great carving board too, with a moderately stiff flex for confidence and control at speed or when the conditions aren't perfect.

  • Rocker Type: Apline V4 Profile - Mono reverse camber allows your nose to float in deep powder, while zero camber retains power throughout the tail to stomp landings and slash the hell out of everything.
  • Flex: 6 - 1 Soft - 10 Stiff
  • Shape: Parabolic Sidecut
  • FSC Certified Dual Core - lightweight Poplar core combined with Beech for increased power and durability
  • Carbon Fiber Beams Laminate - increases power and response while remaining ultralight
  • Holysheet Fiberglass with Magic Bean Resin - Triax/ Biax Holysheet has higher glass to weight ratio than normal fiberglass for a more powerful and dynamic ride when impregnated with the new high performance plant-based Magic Bean Resin.
  • Full ABS1000 Sidewalls
  • Superdrive Base with an increased density polyethylene, these ultra high molecular weight sintered bases are more wax absorbent and allow longer time periods between waxing sessions.
  • Multitech Sublimation + Die-Cut Base - ink is pushed through a substrate into base material using pressure and heat
  • Titanal Base Inlay - Titanal is a high strength hardened aluminum wrought alloy with excellent compression strength to weight ratios. These 20mm Titanal struts resist longitudinal compression.
  • 360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges
  • Multitech Level 4 DeepSpace Silkscreen + PAM16000 Topsheet with Metallic Underlay - strategically layering ink on multiple levels from the top and the bottom, CAPiTA imbues their graphics with a sense of life through depth.
  • PLT Topsheet Technology - PLT technology is exclusive to CAPiTA MFG and magically bonds the topsheet to an already pressed snowboard, without glue
  • Binding Compatibility: Stainless Steel 4x2 Inserts
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