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On the Pont de l’Europe (Le Pont de Leurope Esquisse) - Gustave Caillebotte - Impressionist Painting - Large Art Prints

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On the Pont de l’Europe (Le Pont de Leurope Esquisse)is a Impressionist Painting by Gustave Caillebotte. Although his closest artist friends were Monet and Renoir, the key advocates for loose brushwork and bright color, Caillebotte preferred the sort of conventional draftsmanship and unaffected urban subjects dear to their fellow Impressionist Degas. Like Degas, he limited himself to strictly subdued visual means, and On the Pont de l’Europe is virtually monochromatic, the pervasive blue tones corresponding in visual terms to the chilling cold in which the figures stand. The Pont de l’Europe overlooks the Saint-Lazare train station, which was famously portrayed by Monet in a dozen paintings made early in 1877 and included at the third Impressionist exhibition that year. It is at least possible that Caillebotte refrained from showing his masterful On the Pont de l’Europe at the same exhibition in order not to compete.
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