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Pagodas at Deogar - William Hodges c 1787 - Vintage Orientalist Painting of India - Large Art Prints

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Pagodas at Deogar c 1787 is a Vintage Orientalist Painting of India by William Hodges. A view of the pagodas at Deogur, drawn on the spot & engraved by William Hodges. Hodges was born on 28 October 1744 in London. He studied under William Shipley, and afterwards in the studio of Richard Wilson, where he met Thomas Jones. During his early career, he made a living by painting theatrical scenery. Between 1772 and 1775 Hodges accompanied James Cook to the Pacific as the expedition's artist. Many of his sketches and wash paintings were adapted as engravings in the original published edition of Cook's journals from the voyage.
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