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PS of Sweden Noseband Flying Change Deluxe

Price: AED 620.00

The wide, anatomical design of the noseband allows full freedom for the cheekbones and the sensitive nerve endings. It is patent leather with very soft padding, hollowed by the cheeks to prevent pressure over the molars and sensitive nerves. The noseband is fastened by pullback which is extra padded underneath. The flash strap is optional and can easily be removed without any visible tab.

Bridle Parts are available on "Pre-Order" Only. Click "pre-order" to Pre-order yours now. Items on pre-order come in on a bi-monthly basis, so could take between 1-4 weeks to be delivered - however we always endeavor to deliver in the shortest time possible.

Recommended for horses that:- Are sensitive for pressure on the nose- Need mild to moderate relief over the molars- Needs traditional styling with anatomic features- Looks best in a luxurious wide nosebandExtra features:- Avoids pressure- Patent noseband- Round stitched- Leaves the sensitive nerve endings free- Pullbackstrap- English, vegetable tanned leather- FEI approved for both horses and ponies in all disciplinesNote: The flash strap is successively changed to a flat one with our latest technique, Magic Flash which makes it possible to attache and remove the flash strap without leaving any visible tab.

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