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Rabbit Durable Dog Toy - Dog Training Chew Toys - Pet Stylo

Rabbit Durable Dog Toy - Dog Training Chew Toys

Price: USD $ 32.00
Deal: USD $ 8.80 (Save 73%)

Non-toxic, durable, soft, high-quality, striking in appearance and affordable. The rabbit durable dog toy is what you want when you want to turn your dog’s chewing activity into something healthy and active as well as train them. Built from linen, and durable and lightweight in finish, this toy makes a clear, loud and pleasing sound when a dog bites.

Whatever breed dog you have, it is suitable for all, arousing their curiosity and will to get in the play mode. It helps your dog to have healthy teeth and gums and satisfy their hunting instincts. You can use it for indoor as well as for outdoor exercises.

FOR: Dogs
Toys Type: Chew Toys
Material: Linen
Item: Knot Dog Toys
Usage: Pet Chew Toys, Dog training Toys
Feature: Durable
Weight: 65g

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