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Resin Statement Earrings

Price: AUD $39.00

"I love pieces that are also conversation starters".

You have just found that pair of earrings. 

Stand out from the tassel wearing crowd and be proud to wear something uniquely beautiful by an Australian Designer. You will be the owner of a pair of earrings totally unique to you. No two pairs are the same.

My new line brings together my unique techniques with resin and my love of creativity and exploration of colour. 

Literally, original artwork for your ears. Each piece is an individual work of art using my special resin techniques and colours. No two are exactly the same, in fact, even though each pair is similar, you will notice they are not exactly the same and that's for very good reason. They are each their own little work of original art. Never to be repeated, my earrings are as individual as we are and ready to ship today.

To look after your earrings, simply apply a small amount of olive oil every now and then and wipe off with a dry cloth. It simply adds a slight lustre.

My resin earrings may also adjust to temperature, for example, they may feel softer (like leather) in extreme heat. This is completely normal and they will adjust back when the temperature changes.

Size and Dimensions.   

8 cm in length and 4 cm in diameter. Made with surgical steel posts.  


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