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Resin Statement Earrings

Price: AUD $69.00

"I love pieces that are also conversation starters"

These beautiful new earrings transcend seasons. Stunning hand painted pieces of artwork in hughes of one of my favourite colours, rich emerald greens. I love this colour not only for its striking beauty but its ability to mix so beautifully with other colours. You will be the owner of a pair of earrings totally unique to you. No two pairs are the same.

Beautiful chandelier style earrings. These earrings will just bring you joy. You know when you are wearing something unique and special and you just feel so complete and stylish? These are that piece. 

My earrings are bespoke pieces, that feel like rice paper to touch and weigh about the same. One of the special features in this pair is the delicious sound they make when you wear them. I promise you will be absolutely in love with these.

Literally, original artwork for your ears. Each piece is an individual work of art using my special resin techniques and colours. 

My earrings cannot be copied or reproduced in a mass market.  

To look after your earrings, simply apply a small amount of olive oil every now and then and wipe off with a dry cloth. It simply adds a slight lustre.

Size and Dimensions.   

9.5 cm in length and 2.8 cm in diameter. Made with surgical steel posts.  


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