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Roger HEPA Air Purifier

Price: USD $499.99
  • Dual Filter™: HEPA Filter with carbon weave technology
  • Color changing visual air quality indicator
  • Modern, illuminating controls
  • Strong performance: for rooms up to 797 sq ft

Fine dust, pollen, bacteria and unwanted odors can worsen our air quality. Roger, with his two air quality sensors and auto-mode, continuously measures the quality of the air and adjusts the fan speed to ensure a healthy environment. The visual air quality indicator changes color to show the current air condition in your space. German-made Dual Filter™ with carbon weave technology integrates activated carbon with the fibers of the HEPA filter increasing the amount of activated carbon exposed to the air to provide superior removal of odors and harmful gases. A flat control panel illuminates when adjusting Roger’s settings and disappears when not in use, keeping him looking sleek. Sensitively providing purified air at home and in the office, Stadler Form Roger HEPA Air Purifier is a breath of fresh air. Designed by Matti Walker for Stadler Form.


  • German made Dual Filter™ HEPA filter with carbon weave for superior odor and gas removal performance
  • Color changing visual air quality indicator shows red, amber or blue to easily show the current air quality (and it looks awesome)
  • Flat control panel illuminates when adjusting Roger’s settings and then disappears after adjustment to avoid light pollution (again, it looks awesome)
  • Roger circulates the air 3 times per hour in rooms up to 797 sq ft and 5 times per hour in rooms up to 474 sq ft
  • CADR ratings: Smoke 307 ft3/min, Pollen 361 ft3/min, Dust 331 ft3/min
  • Long filter life: up to 12 months
  • Filter life indicator intelligently shows when to change the filter
  • Simple to change filter and easy cleaning
  • Winner of the Housewares Design Awards Best in Category 
  • Suitable Accessories: Stadler Form Roger Dual Filter™
  • Dimensions: 16.5” W x 19.7” H x 7.9” D ; Weight:  17.4 lbs. ; Rated Power: 6-100 Watt ; Sound Level: 30-65 dBa 


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