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SAYA Sheath with Ebony Pin for Gyuto Chef Knives 210mm of Thicker Spine

Price: USD $40.00

Material: Magnolia /HOU Wood
Pin: Ebony 
Blade Width: under 53mm
Thickness of Spine: under 4.4mm

This sheath is originally for Western Deba 240mm, but this can fit some chef knives 210mm.
The Sheath only fits to the followings

Kurosaki Chef Gyuto 210mm of Japanese Style 
Kato Chef Gyuto 210mm of Japanese Style 
Kanjo ZDP189 Western Chef Gyuto 210mm
Our Saji Chef 210 Knives: There is a little gap between bolster and sheath

Tojiro: Western Deba 240mm F-815,F-617

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