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Shoe Polish Applicator Brush Set by Valentino Garemi. - valentinogaremi-usa

Shoe Polish Applicator Brush Set by Valentino Garemi.

Price: USD $ 16.00
Deal: USD $ 13.00 (Save 19%)

Shoe polish applicator brush set is made in Germany with real horsehair bristles and hard wood handle. This set of shoe brushes is intended for applications of any shoe polish pastes, shoe shine, shoe wax, shoe dobbins, shoe cream, mink oils and any other shoe care paste products that are necessary to complete any shoe care tasks. Valentino Garemi is aiming to find and supply only products that are manufactured to very high quality standards for our very selective clientele. Browse our available collection and find what you need to care for your footwear, garments or furniture; available online for our North American and world-wide customers. A video presentation of the product can be found on Youtube for illustrative purposes only.

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