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Shoe Studs for Road & Harder Ground (Set of 4)

Price: AED 25.75

These studs have been designed for road surfaces and firm,dry ground. The studs simply screw into a pre-formed hole within your horses shoe made by your farrier. These studs require a preformed hole of 3/8” Whitworth standard thread.

Stud holes should always be plugged when not in use to prevent stone and debris from entering or damaging the hole. In addition, you may find it useful to invest in a magnetic metal bowl which prevents them becoming lost and is also useful for finding studs when dropped on the grass.

We advise that you check your stud holes the day before a competition to ensure the threads on the shoe are intact and the studs will apply correctly. After use, ensure you clean and store your studs in a dry place.

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Safety Note:
You should always consult your farrier and vet before fitting studs.
Damaged studs should always be removed immediately.
We advise that studs should be removed immediately after riding.
Studs should be introduced to your horse slowly and not used for prolonged periods to ensure your horse becomes used to the altered traction given.

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