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Silk Tussah Neps Nm 3/1 | Swiss Mountain Silk

Price: AUD $32.60
Textured Tussah Silk Nm 3/1

Add some extreme texture with this 100% Tussha Silk nep yarn. 

Silk Mountain Silks are known around the world for their premium silk yarns.  This speciality silk nep yarn has a wonderfully textured appearance, sure to bring a unique quality to your project. 

Fibre Name

Tussah Silk Neps

Size (g)

100g Skein  &  1kg Cone 

Fibre Content

100% Tussah silk

Yarn Count Nm

Nm 3/1

Meters per Kilo

3000m per kilo

Yards Per Pound

1488 yards per pound



Yarn Delivery

skein  &  cone

Country of Origin



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