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Simple Toadstools Grey - Blackout Roller Blind

Price: GBP £35.00

Inspired by a sleepy woodland, our hand-illustrated Explore Nature collection features various fauna, birds and forest animals, so it's perfect for when you want to bring a sense of the outdoors to your little ones bedroom or nursery!

All our roller blinds are designed, printed and made by us using only the finest materials, equipment and components.

Our blinds are available in a number of widths, we also offer an alteration service if you don't want to cut the blinds down yourself (see details below 'Alteration Service Ordering Guide' and 'Measuring Guide'.)

Not only do they look fantastic but they are also fire rated for commercial use, PVC, halogen and VOC free - peace of mind when fitting in nurseries / hospitals and children's rooms.*

Why choose our blinds...

- Exceptional image quality
- Precision sidewinder mechanism
- Deluxe nickel plated steel chain
- White metal bracket fittings
- White aluminum bottom bar
- Strong 32mm aluminium roller tube
- Bi-directional weave for perfect stay-flay properties
- Blackout Material
- Standard drop of 150cm approx 

- Clear safety breakaway chain connector
- FREE child safety clip included (clear)

- Fire rated for commercial spaces (Fire Performance: BS5867:2 - B1 to DIN 4102-1)
- Ideal for both commercial and residential interiors
- PVC free
- REACH compliant

Fitting, Care and Maintenence
- Easily cut with a sharp knife or scissors without fraying
- No need to hot-knife the edges
- Easy to clean with a damp cloth or by vacuuming
- Can be cut to fit any width
- Easy fit universal brackets suitable for top, side and face fitting
- Quick and easy to install
- Chain can be fitted on left or right hand side

Great Customer Service
- Fast delivery
- Great feedback / customer service
- Alterations available
- Personal / Commercial bespoke projects taken

These blinds can be cut to any width and can be fitted inside or outside of the window recess. We provide white metal bracket fittings (included) which can be side, top or face fixed. Roller blinds are available in widths up to 152.4cm (60") and have a standard drop of 150cm approx. We also have the facility to take your own design, photo or company logo and produce your very own, truly unique blind!

NOTE: SIZES SHOWN IN DROP DOWN LIST ARE FOR FABRIC AND BAR WIDTH - FOR MECHANISM/FIXING BRACKETS ALLOW APPROX. 3.6cm (Example: 122cm (48") Width: Fabric, Top and Bottom Bar = 122cm + 3.6cm Mechanism / Brackets)

Alteration Service Ordering Guide

Step 1 - Ordering your Blind & Alteration Service

Choose your design and 'Width' by selecting the nearest size up from your actual required dimensions. For example; In the case of needing a blind width of 88cm you would order a 91.4cm (36") width blind.

Step 2 - Payment and Measurement Details

During checkout, please leave a note on your order during checkout stating the required size. If this information is not included then your order will incur a delay.
Please include a phone number when making your purchase in case we require any confirmation of size etc.

Measuring Guide

How to measure windows for your blinds:-

To fit the blind within a window recess - Measure the width at the top of the recess (wall to wall width) with a tape measure and include this measurement in your message to us during checkout. WE WILL THEN MAKE THE DEDUCTIONS TO ALLOW FOR THE FITTINGS (Please do not make the deductions yourself)
Please note, the fabric will measure approximately 3.6cm less than the full recess width provided.

To fit the blind outside of the window recess- Measure the total width required (distance from bracket to bracket) and include this measurement in your message to us during checkout. WE WILL THEN MAKE THE DEDUCTIONS TO ALLOW FOR THE FITTINGS (Please do not make the deductions yourself)
Please note, the fabric will measure approximately 3.6cm less than the full width provided.

If your drop measurement exceeds 150cm in length then please email before hand and we will send you a bespoke quote.

All our blinds are made to order and we aim to dispatch your blinds within 2-3 working days.
Please allow an extra day if alteration service is required.


Please specify 'INSIDE RECESS' or 'OUTSIDE RECESS' in your message for us to make the necessary deductions.
We do not alter the drop of the blind. The blinds come with a standard drop of approximately 150cm. The fabric is lowered to the required drop and the remaining fabric stays rolled on the roller.

Exact measurements are required, we will not be held responsible for any errors during checkout.

If your blind is being cut to size then we may need to contact you by email or by telephone to confirm sizes.

Please Note;
If more than one blind requires altering then please also specify which size goes with which blind style. If these specifications are not detailed during checkout then your order could incur a delay.

All orders are posted in a hard wearing postal tubes and supplied with easy to follow step by step instructions for installation.

Every effort has been made to show colours accurately however due to different computer monitors/calibrations colours may vary slightly from the image shown on this site.


All of our items are made to order here in the UK and delivered within 4-6 working days (UK only).

We do NOT accept the return of our blinds which have been altered by us or by you.

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