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Pudus Cozy Winter Slipper Socks for Women and Men with Non-Slip Grippers and Faux Fur Sherpa Fleece - Adult Regular Fuzzy Socks Snowy Pink Snowman - Classic Slipper Sock

Classic Slipper Socks | Snowy Pink Snowman

Price: USD $ 25.00
Deal: USD $ 14.99 (Save 40%)

You may call it a foot thing, but we like to call it a love thing. It€™s a warm, cozy, cuddle up comfort thing.   Our Classic Collection of extra-fluffy slipper socks embraces your feet with fuzzy tenderness, brightening up your home, cabin or any occasion with a fun range of seasonal patterns.   

The smell of a kitchen after baking fresh gingerbread.  Nothing beats it. Let these Pudus bring that magical and warm-hearted kitchen aroma directly to your feet.

With an elevated level of softness, Pudus provide comfort at every step, with extra-fluffy Sherpa lining and adjustable sizes. Wrap your feet in comfort and style, whether you are returning from a long day at work, waking up from a beauty sleep, cozying up on a cold winter€™s day, or baking something special.


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