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Street scene with São Domingos (Saint Dominic) Macao - George Chinnery - Vintage Orientalist Painting - Posters

Price: INR RS.199.00
"Street scene with São Domingos (Saint Dominic) of Macao is a Vintage Orientalist Painting by George Chinnery" Chinnery was an English painter who spent most of his life in Asia, especially India and southern China. Chinnery was born in London, where he studied at the Royal Academy Schools. George Chinnery moved in 1796 to Ireland, where he enjoyed some success as an artist, and married Marianne (née Vigne) on 19 April 1799 in Dublin. Other than artistic value, his paintings are historically valuable as he was the only western painter resident in South China between the early and mid 19th century.
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